Our Services

We provide best braiding solutions
for you hair style


  • Box Braids
  • Ghana Braids
  • Nubian Braids
  • Individual Braids
  • Micro Braids
  • Crochet Braids
  • Invisible Braids
  • Single Braids

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We provide hair extensions or weaves to completely transform your look. Our weaving services includes:

  • Sew-in weaves
  • Glue weaves
  • Vixen weaves
  • and much more

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Cornrows have been a popular hairstyle for centuries and are a timeless African braiding hair style. Cornrows are known for helping to promote healthy hair growth. A unique aspect of the Cornrow hairstyle is that it has crossed gender lines, various nationalities and is commonly worn by men and women.

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  • Senegalese Twist
  • Marley Twist
  • Havana Twist
  • Fluffy Twist
  • Kinky Twist
  • Flat Twist
  • Nubian Twist
  • Savannah Twist

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