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African hairstyles featuring traditional braids, such as cornrows, have held a cherished place for generations. These cornrows are not just a style; they are believed to promote the growth of strong and healthy hair.
What makes the Cornrow hairstyle truly exceptional is its universal appeal, embraced by individuals of diverse backgrounds, nationalities, and genders. At Ummiah Braiding & Weaving Houston TX, we take pride in delivering the finest cornrow services in Houston TX and nearby cities like Katy TX and Cypress TX, ensuring your hair receives the care and attention it deserves.

  • Swirling Cornrows
  • Thick Cornrows
  • Guiders Braids
  • Tiny Cornrows
  • Cornrow Bun
  • Small Cornrows

Ummiah Braiding & Weaving Houston TX salon is staffed by an expert team of braiders who are passionate about their work & committed to providing you with the best possible experience. Ummiah Braiding & Weaving Houston TX uses only the highest quality hair extensions and products to ensure that your braids look beautiful & last for as long as possible. Whether you’re looking for a simple & elegant style for a special occasion or a more intricate & complex look for everyday wear, our salon has everything you need to achieve the perfect look.

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